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What Is the Function of a Disc Spring Washer?

Nov. 24, 2023



Spring washers, also called disc springs or conical washers, use spring loads to create axial flexibility. This counteracts settlements and maintains an initial level of preload.


What Are Disc Spring Washers?


Disc spring washers are conical-shaped washers typically made from high-quality materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel, or alloys. Their design comprises a series of conical discs stacked on top of each other, creating a spring-like structure. The shape allows for flexibility and the ability to absorb and distribute immense loads efficiently.


Functionality and Working Mechanism


The washers are installed between the bolt head/nut and the mating surface. Spring washers mechanical capabilities rely on the shape of the material. When subject to load, the washer undergoes elastic deformation, and then returns to the pre-deflected shape. They can be stacked, so deflection and load capacity can vary without materially affecting the forces. The forces created by the washers can differ depending on the thickness of the material, curve and size - meaning that the operator can customize the spring loads used.


The primary function of disc spring washers lies in providing controlled tension or compression within a mechanical system. They aid in maintaining bolt preload, compensating for thermal expansion or contraction, absorbing vibrations, and preventing loosening under dynamic conditions. Their ability to handle high loads in confined spaces makes them ideal for applications requiring precise and consistent force control.


Disc Spring Washer

Applications Across Industries


Automotive Industry: Disc spring washers find extensive use in the automotive sector, particularly in clutch assemblies, shock absorbers, valves, and braking systems. Their ability to withstand varying temperatures and pressures while ensuring reliable performance makes them indispensable in vehicle manufacturing.


Aerospace and Aviation: In aerospace applications, where weight reduction and reliability are critical, disc spring washers play a pivotal role. They are utilized in landing gears, hydraulic systems, and control mechanisms, contributing to the safety and efficiency of aircraft components.


Construction and Engineering: The construction industry benefits from the use of disc spring washers in structural supports, heavy machinery, and equipment. Their ability to maintain structural integrity under heavy loads makes them vital components in construction projects.


Advantages of Disc Spring Washers


- High Load Capacity: Despite their compact size, disc spring washers exhibit remarkable load-bearing capabilities, making them suitable for heavy-duty applications.

- Space-Efficient: Their compact design allows for efficient use of space while providing substantial force control, making them ideal for confined spaces.

- Versatility: These washers adapt well to various environments, temperatures, and pressures, ensuring consistent performance across diverse applications.




Disc spring washers, with their ingenious design and versatile functionality, play an indispensable role across multiple industries. Their ability to provide controlled tension, absorb vibrations, and maintain reliability in mechanical systems makes them a crucial component in engineering and manufacturing applications.


Understanding the significance and applications of disc spring washers allows for informed decision-making when selecting components for specific mechanical needs. Their reliability, load-bearing capabilities, and adaptability make them an integral part of numerous systems, contributing to enhanced efficiency and safety across industries.

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