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What are the Reasons for the Influence of the Quality of the Production Process on the Product and the Use of the Spring?

Dec. 19, 2020

As a Disc Springs Stack Set Manufacturer, share with you. Springs are used in many places, and there are many spring factories that produce springs. Everyone is familiar with springs. This kind of element can be seen everywhere in life, and it is also one of the important parts and components necessary for many industrial machinery and equipment. There are many types, with different shapes, specifications and sizes, and the application field is very wide. The current spring factory can basically produce a variety of different springs. This kind of element is made of special steel. The structure is relatively simple, but there are certain requirements for the production process. Therefore, the production equipment and process technology of the manufacturer will be The finished product produced has an impact.

Disc Springs Stack Set

Disc Springs Stack Set

Therefore, if we need to purchase, we should choose a brand or manufacturer with a good reputation, because it is difficult to judge the quality of this product from the surface, and it needs to be used to reflect it, but we have to wait until something goes wrong. It is more troublesome to solve, especially in the case of some more important equipment, and even cause great losses. Therefore, the quality of the product can be guaranteed by choosing a good spring factory to purchase.

The production process can generally be divided into cold rolling and hot rolling, which is subdivided into many kinds of processes and procedures. The former process is simpler and less deformed. It is mostly used to produce products with smaller specifications and more precise and complicated shapes. The latter process involves heat treatment, which is suitable for large and simple and rough parts. Due to the need to withstand various physical stresses in use, products that are not of good quality are prone to various forms of fracture during use, especially when the temperature is high or when they work for a long time. In order to delay its service life, in addition to choosing good quality products, reasonable use and maintenance are also necessary, and it is also necessary to regularly use a special lotion for cleaning.

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