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What is a Belleville Disc Springs?

Disc Spring concept was first invented by a Frenchman Louis Belleville in 1865. So, disc spring is commonly known as Belleville Springs. And sometimes it also was called "Conical disc springs""Belleville Disc Springs" or "Belleville Washers".

Disc Springs are conically washers and have a rectangular cross-section, which is loaded in the axial direction. It has a small volume and large energy storage compared to traditional helical springs and can be used as single disc spring or in the stack (stack in parallel, in series or in parallel & series combination).

The standards for disc springs mainly include DIN2092 (Calculation) / DIN2093 ( Quality Specifications-Dimensions ) of Germany, JIS B 2706- Japan, GB/T 1972-2005 of China ( HEGONG SPRING ┬« as standard-setter member) and ISO 19690. Among them, DIN2093 is most widely used in the world.

It is widely used in aerospace, defense system, medical equipment, automobile, electric power, construction, machine tools and other industries.