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What Are the Features and Benefits of Wave Springs?

Nov. 17, 2022

Wave springs are compression springs with a flat design and "multi-wave per turn" design coils. Wave springs are particularly suitable for applications where weight reduction is required and where small installation space is a constraint. Typical applications include: aerospace, precision machinery, hydraulic seals and high-end motors.

Wave Springs


Large range of stiffness, cushioning and vibration absorption capacity, and large deformation energy per unit volume of material.

Has the characteristic of changing stiffness. Can be changed by changing the wave height, width, thickness of different combinations to Zhouzheng stiffness. Can also adjust the stiffness by combining the number of pieces.

Compact structure and small installation space are required under the same physical parameters.


The main advantage of a wave spring for your design is that it allows you to get more done with less effort. Choosing wave springs can help optimize your assembly design into a more efficient design.

Compact Design

The main way they give you more for less is in their body size. For example, a standard wave spring can be reduced to half the height of an existing coil spring and still do the same job. In addition, their circumference can be smaller to fit into tight radial spaces, thus minimizing chamber size.

Flexible Design

With our extensive experience as a wave spring manufacturer, we can certainly attest to the seemingly endless options when designing with wave springs. We can design a wave spring to meet any specification or assembly requirement. Material type, thickness and end type are just some of the details that a spring can be customized to fit.

Predictable and Reliable

It doesn't matter if the spring needs to withstand dynamic or static loads. A tested wave spring will reliably maintain these results over many years of use.

Unique Materials

When you need a wave spring, you need to consider the environment in which it will work. Choosing the wrong material will pronounce an early death on your wave spring, and the environment will significantly shorten the life cycle of the spring. Please feel free to contact our team to discuss which material is right for your project.

This more compact design and lightweight assembly can save manufacturers time and production costs. As a result, wave springs have become the preferred choice for compression springs when space is limited.

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