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What is the Relative Advantage of Belleville Disc Springs in the Industry?

May. 07, 2021

With the widespread use of disc springs in the manufacturing industry, many people have different opinions on how to choose disc springs or springs. Below Belleville Disc Springs Exporter lists the advantages of disc springs compared with springs.

Belleville Disc Springs

Belleville Disc Springs

1. The disc spring bears a great load in a small space. Compared with other types of springs, the deformation energy per unit volume of a disc spring is larger. It has good cushioning and shock absorption ability, especially when the laminated combination is adopted, the effect of absorbing impact and dissipating energy is more obvious due to the effect of surface friction resistance.

2. Disc springs have variable stiffness characteristics. By changing the ratio of the height of the truncated cone in the disc to the thickness of the disc, different spring characteristic curves can be obtained, which can be linear, increasing, decreasing or a combination of them. In addition, variable stiffness characteristics can be obtained by combining different thickness discs or different combinations of overlapping discs with different numbers of sheets.

3. Due to changing the number of discs or the combination of discs, disc springs can obtain different load-bearing capacity and characteristic curves. Therefore, discs of each size can be adapted to a very common range of use, which makes the preparation of spare parts and Management is easier.

4. In the combined spring that bears a large load, the size of each disc is not large, which is conducive to manufacturing and heat treatment. When some discs are damaged, they only need to be replaced individually, which facilitates maintenance and repair.

5. The butterfly springs correctly designed and manufactured have a long service life.

6. Since the disc spring is ring-shaped, the force is transferred in a concentric manner. Because of these advantages, disc springs are often used in heavy machinery, aircraft, artillery and other machines or weapons as powerful buffer and shock absorption devices; they are also compression devices in clutches, safety valves, and pressure relief valves.

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